Writing Class Week 11

ESL Writing Lesson 1: Appositives

Appositives? Huh? Sounds hard, but it isn’t.

An appositive is a noun that describes another noun.

Appositives can be a single word or many words (a phrase). An appositive looks like a relative clause but there are no words like ‘which, who or that’ at the beginning of the clause.

Here are three examples; the appositives are in red.

The appositive can go at the front of the sentence. Like this:

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Writing Class Week 9

This week, I will introduce a couple of podcasts which can help my ESL students learn English.

Podcasts for ESL Students

The Memory Palace is a story telling podcast. The stories are well written so they podcasts can help student appreciate the art of story telling, the beauty of descriptive text and the art of completing a story with tidy conclusion. Great for short trips on the bus or subway, the stories are usually about 5 minutes long.

Wiretap is a 25 minute podcast from Canada. It’s a humor program with stories that are sometimes insightful and

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Writing Class Week 7

This is the last class of week 7. Today let’s do this: a few writing projects that might be useful 1) in a classroom with beginner writers or 2) as sponge activities.

Write: Short Sentences

This is a quick writing warm up activity.

  1. Sentence one must appeal to the senses.
  2. Sentence two must use three adjectives.
  3. Sentence three must start with an adverb.
  4. Sentence four must contain a connective (words that shows a shift in time, a combination a or change).
  5. Sentence five must use exactly three words.
  6. Sentence six must be a question.
  7. This must make a story with a start and finish 

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