Teach Writing: Expanding Sentences

Write Better Sentences

Writing skill: sentence fluency

ESL students sometimes write text with too many short sentences. Short sentences are not bad. They are especially useful when the writer wants to add a bit of style with different sentence lengths. But too many short sentences can lead to boring text. This short writing activity helps students fix that problem.

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#7 Teach English Writing – Basic Paragraph Organization

Teach English Writing – Basic Paragraph Organization

Main Idea

Ideal for high beginner (and above) students, this writing lesson teaches English students paragraph organization. In order to present the lesson in a meaningful way, students will choose two things that will be compared in a paragraph with a topic sentence, proof and a conclusion.

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Learn English Writing, Basic Class: Week 14

library study


To help ESL students learn English vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure and prepare for the final exam, here is the plan for this week.

For the Wednesday class (EGL 106-13):

This is our last week of classes. There are no make up classes next week.

The final exam will be on June 17 at our normal Wednesday class time and in the usual classroom (9am in d433).

  1. review exam questions
  2. review old and new descriptions about a place
  3. finish edit practice
  4. finish writing the contrast story

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