Learn English Writing, Basic Class: Week 5

Learn English Writing, Basic Class


Here’s the plan for this week.

  1. Check your answers from Unit 4 in the textbook (on Friday).
  2. Review questions for quiz #1.
  3. Complete run-on sentences worksheet.
  4. Complete the guided writing exercise (a few people finished it.)
  5. Learn to write a paragraph with a good topic sentence (this builds on the knowledge you learned in chapter 2 of the textbook.)



ESL Writing Lessons: Structure a Paragraph

This writing activity helps English students learn how to write a well structured paragraph by learning and practicing how to:

1 Write a good topic sentence.

This is the first sentence of the paragraph. This sentence tells the reader the main idea.

2 Provide evidence and details to support ideas.

This is a hard lesson to learn for some students. They think that when they make a claim no proof, evidence or details are required. This is not a mistake – it is a cultural difference in writing styles.

3 Write a whole paragraph.

Finish the idea or paragraph with a conclusion. This gives the paragraph unity and cohesion.

Writing Activity

  1. Choose two things which might not normally be compared.
  2. Find three ways to describe how they are similar.
  3. Write a full paragraph with a topic sentence, proof and a conclusion.

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Learn English Articles, A Quick review

Learn English Articles in Writing Class


Learning how to use definite and indefinite articles is not easy for ESL students. There are so many different rules and exceptions.  This quick review might help. It provides a simple explanation for six common rules about A/AN and THE.

ESL Writing Activity #1

Click to get the article grammar explanations, worksheet and answers.

ESL Writing Activity #2

Need an extension activity? This picture prompt can be used to combine two tasks. Ask students to write a short story based on the pictures. Tell students they should pay close attention to their use of articles in the story.