Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 6

It’s week 6 of the semester and time for the ESL students to learn abbot English po

Writing Objectives

Improve paraphrasing skills by learning how to use appositives in sentences.

Improve descriptive and persuasive writing skills by finishing at least one self-reflective story.

Improve free thinking skills by writing an interpretative analysis of a poem.

Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 5

This week will start a few exercise that help ESL students learn English paraphrase writing. This will involve several writing and knowledge skills including nominalisations, synonyms and appositives.

What is Paraphrase Writing?

Paraphrasing is a reading and writing skill. Read a sentence or paragraph and then write the same ideas using your words.

Paraphrasing is not copying. Good paraphrasing shows you understand other people’s ideas and can write them in a way that makes sense to you.

Paraphrasing Helps Writing

Paraphrasing helps build writing skills in many areas. In this e-course, the English lessons will help you to:

  • improve vocabulary power
  • learn different sentence patterns
  • expand knowledge of expressions
  • develop your own writing style

Paraphrase writing is an important reading and writing skill for students in almost every English-speaking country. It’s hard to write a good high school or university essay without paraphrasing skills. Believe me, I know.

Research and Results

I believe paraphrasing is a great writing skill. Other people agree. Here’s an example.

A paraphrasing test was done by the University of Kansas in the United States. Researchers found that students improved reading comprehension after learning paraphrasing skills.

Before learning how to paraphrase, students were given a reading comprehension test. Their test score was 48 percent. After learning how to paraphrase, the reading score went up to 84 percent. That’s a big increase. (Some details about the research are available here.

Writing Exercise 2

This is a challenging exercise.

  1. Watch and listen to this video.
  2. Describe the setting, character and plot with your partner.
  3. Describe the meaning or the story, if any.

Room 8 from Bombay Sapphire on Vimeo.


Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 4

This week the ESL students will focus on precision writing. That means, using the fewest number of words to communicate an exact idea.

Rewriting Process

Rewriting is an important part of learning how to write well. But, sometimes students just correct the small errors and don’t think about the entire text. You have to learn how to fix the problems yourself.

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Teacher Training Writing Class: Week 3

These English exercises help ESL students learn how to improve writing sentences and paragraphs.


A thesis sentence is your main idea. It is the first sentence of a paragraph. It is important to learn how to write this sentence. When you learn how to write this sentence, your writing, speaking and thinking skills will also be better.

Here is an example.

Many Americans buy Japanese cars. (not a thesis sentence)

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