Learn English Speaking, Basic: Week 10

This is week 10 of the semester. Here is the plan for this week.

  1. Remember the Walk About Activity is next Monday.
  2. Textbook chapter 5b.
  3. Review sentences with TOO
  4. Quick Review – How much and how many Q & A
  5. What’s different? (hand out)
  6. Breakfast food
  7. Textbook chapter 6a
  8. Brain puzzles – things
  9. Sentence Patterns – preposition plus ING
  10. Everyday things – learn vocabulary
  11. Cooking spaghetti vocabulary and video
  12. Food and cooking vocabulary puzzle worksheet

Review TOO

Here are some words. Make questions so that your partner answers with TOO (remember too much, too many, too plus adjective)

  1. polluted/Beijing
  2. eat/cookies
  3. swim/people
  4. kimchi/spicy
  5. espresso/bitter
  6. movie/busy
  7. walk/yellow dust
  8. barbecued pork/full
  9. library/noisy
  10. baseball game/boring

How much and How Many

Countable Nouns

  1. How many cats are there?
  2. There are a lot of cats.
  3. There aren’t many cats.
  4. There aren’t any cats.

Non-Countable Nouns

  1. How much juice is there?
  2. There is a lot of juice.
  3. There isn’t much juice .
  4. There isn’t any juice.

What’s Different?

Look at the pictures with a partner. Find and describe 10 (or more) differences.

Sentence Patterns: Prepositions plus verb ING

Look at the words. Make a full question for your partner by adding a preposition and ING verb. Ask three follow up questions.

What are you looking forward to these days?
I’m looking forward to going to the university festival.
Because my favorite rap group is coming to the school and I want to see that show.
What time is the show?
The concert starts at 8pm.

  1. I am looking forward
  2. I am good
  3. I am bad
  4. I get excited
  5. I am used
  6. I often think
  7. I sometimes dream
  8. I always insist

Cooking Spaghetti Video

Here is a short animation about cooking. Watch the video and write 10 sentences to talk about the food (and quantity) you see in the video. For example:

  • He put some water on the stove.
  • He put a pot of water on the stove.

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