Train Your Brain

Thinking. It’s Good for You.

Want to train your brain to remember words more easily?

Try vocabulary exercises like this. Below is a list of words. All of the vowels are out.

Make new words by adding vowels.Only add vowels (i.e. a, e, i, o, and u), not consonants.

The letters can go in the front, in the middle or at the end of the words. Here is an example: bt

  • add ‘i’ to make ‘bit’
  • add ‘a’ to make ‘bat’
  • add ‘oa’ to make ‘boat’

Create New Words

Look at these letters. How many words can you make?

Download the worksheet and answers here.

    1. by
    2. rd
    3. blck
    4. bk
    5. ft
    6. pt
    7. ht
    8. hll
    9. wtr
    10. drw
    11. chs
    12. rt
    13. mt
    14. hd
    15. kt
    16. cp

For easy printing, download the worksheet and answers here.

Photo credit: soholife.english.

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