TTP 2018 Writing Week 4

It’s week 4 of the writing class. What have we done so far?

Writing Assignments

1 Income and Longevity

  • filter necessary info
  • create hypothesis
  • prove by finding causes
  • prove by finding consequences
  • correlation and causation

2 Murder Mystery

  • writing drill
  • paragraph pattern – fact, warrant, mini conclusion
  • inquiry method

3 Room 8

  • Summarize story
  • Analyze and evaluate message
  • Find and interpret metaphors, symbols or inferences
  • Create through abstraction


This Week

Let’s take a pause from new writing. It’s time to catch up on the rewriting. It’s also time to attack an important writing skill: editing.

Here are 5 editing exercises:

  • pronoun problems
  • choppy sentences
  • poor parallel structure
  • wordy sentences
  • 100 word paragraphs with multiple errors



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