TTP 2018 Writing Week 5

What have we done?

Writing Assignments

1 Income and Longevity

  • find and support a hypothesis
  • cause and effect
  • correlation and causation

2 Murder Mystery

  • writing drill
  • paragraph pattern – fact, warrant, mini conclusion
  • inquiry method

3 Room 8

  • Summarize story
  • find the metaphor and message


What have we done?


What’s next?

Part 1: New Writing and Critical Thinking Exercise (10)

This slide show introduces the new writing assignment. 


Part 2 Watch Video (2)

V Commercial Chevy Volt

Extra Notes (2)

Here is a worksheet that may help your analysis. It contains a few facts and numbers. Your report should use soem of this information.

Remember that you have to give the numbers some special meaning. These facts by themselves are not very useful for this assignment. 

Get the critical thinking notes worksheet here.

Or get the pdf file here.



Part 1: Play with Analogies (20)

Open the worksheet and read the metaphors and similes. For each question:

  1. find the metaphor or simile
  2. describe how the metaphor or simile works (what effect does it have in the sentence?)
  3. write a sentence or two to paraphrase the meaning
  4. jigsaw with a partner and use Socratic method to teach


Part 2: Analyze Movie Clip (10)

  1. Watch the clip.
  2. Find the analogy.
  3. Paraphrase the meaning.
  4. The poem ends with a question. What is your answer to that question.

Part 3: Audio Clip and Writing Assignment (20)

Your writing will likely have two main sections:

Summarize the main idea and argument presented by Alan Watts in the video. The key point here is a summary. Filter. Try to include information that covers 4 parts: 

Evaluate of the speaker’s argument. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not/ What are the consequences of living a life suggested by Watts? Is it feasible? Is it desirable?



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