TTP Training 2018 Special Class Week A

This past contains lessons, activities and resources that help Korean teachers practice and improve their English teaching skills and knowledge.

Week 1 English Teacher Trainer Lesson Plan

Hour 1

$100 Negotiation Exercise (10)

explain and perform


Follow the instructions (5)

Here is the test paper.


Debrief Exercise (15)

get the purpose and learn how to debrief

understand the consequences of this approach


Edward Hall (10)

a brief introduction to Edward hall and his ideas of high and low context

apply to ELT context

connect debriefing and critical thinking to language learning contexts


Activity: Odd One Out (15)

Explain the game and rules. Be sure to notice use language that is logical, precise and accurate. Feel free to be creative.

Play the game in pairs

Debrief: understand, analyze and evaluate


Hour 2

Sound and Sort (20)

This is a sorting puzzle that requires students to discover how 30 words can be divided into three groups based on sounds. Then they must put the words into the correct groups.

Here is List A of words for the activity.

Here is a second list.


Here is a list of possible hints to offer if students get stuck.

  1. read the words aloud
  2. ask what kinds of words are in the table (verbs)
  3. ask what kind of verbs
  4. explain difference between regular and irregular verbs
  5. listen for final sounds

Unsatisfying (25)

This is a pair work or small group activity

Its focus depends on class level. Low levels work in verbs, high levels sentences

The purpose is to develop verbs. Verbs are the most important type of word to learn.


Work in pairs and then jigsaw. In the end you should have 15 or so great sentences. 

Debrief in pairs

  1. Summarize – what did we do?
  2. What did you learn?        
  3. How would you evacuate this activity?



Make Words Game – 9 Squares (10)

This is a sponge activity. It can take anywhere from 50 to 15 minutes. 

The objectives is to make words with a given list.

5 minutes – make as many words as possible – spaghetti


Hour 3

Review (10)

Step 1:Pair Work

What did we do in the first 2 hours?

What did you learn?

How might these activities, lessons and ideas help you in the next few months or years?

Step 2: Whole Class Summary


Which One is Better? (25)

This activity helps precise communication, which is adapting to low context culture.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will define criteria and criterion.
  2. Students will recall order of thoughts (criterion and then reasons)
  3. Students will evaluate answers based on criteria and logic.


  • What to do: Make a question and ask your partner to choose one and explain why it is better.
  • How to describe which is better?
  • think about cost, quantity, quality, taste, health, comfort, atmosphere, meaning

Question Prompts

  1. cats or dogs
  2. winter or summer
  3. ice cream or sulbing
  4. books or computers
  5. rice or bread
  6. McDonald’s or Lotteria
  7. pizza or sandwich
  8. spicy rice cake or pajeon
  9. coffee or green tea
  10. up or down


Compound Words (15)

The purpose of this activity is to help students learn vocabulary or increase memory recall with a time limited worksheet activity.

Get the compound word activity worksheet here.


Hour 4

This hour presents trainees with several worksheets and pair work activities to build vocabulary through puzzles and games.


Word Puzzles as A Learning Tool (15)

This worksheet contains examples of short activities that help students learn English words. All of the questions are presented as puzzles.

The English activity worksheet is here.


Homophone Word Game (10)

Expand the depth of student understanding with a game based on homophones.

Get the activity list here.


Practice Words with F Sounds (10)

This worksheet activity is go for students in the low to intermediate level. It logic puzzles and word games that focis on high frequency words with an F sound. 

Get the F sound worksheet here. 


Fluency Drill (10)

A get warmer or review for low level students, this activity helps students become fluency with past tense questions and answers using high frequency verbs.

It works well when used as a 5 minute warmer over several weeks to reinforce long term learning.

Get the verb worksheet here.


ESP Activity (10)

Here is the video for this activity.


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