Writing the First Paragraph

Does this happen to you?

You have to write an essay but your mind is blank. You look at the computer monitor or white piece of paper. There are no words. You start to panic. You ask yourself, “How can I write this essay?” This is how many students start to write an essay. When the words don’t come out,

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Does Editing Drive You Crazy?

Some of my students make a lot mistakes when they write a paragraph. The mistakes are easy to correct, if you practice how to edit.

When you learn to edit mistakes, your writing will become better. And, the writing will become easier. But like all writing skills, you need to practice editing. You need to see what the mistakes look like.

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4 Ideas to Inspire Your Writing

When your feeling is bad and you don’t want to study, what do you do?

Here’s my trick. Before I walk into the classroom, I whistle.  Whistling changes my feeling. I don’t know why but whistling makes me feel good. When I feel good, I become a better teacher.

When writing becomes difficult for you, what do you do?

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