Parallel Sentence Structure

Balance looks good. In the summer Olympics, athletes try to balance their body on a bar, or two parallel bars or on the floor mat. People who study yoga also try to balance their bodies.

Good writing needs balance in the sentences. Look at this sentence. Does it have balance?

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Edit Your Sentences

What is a good sentence?

There are many answers. In this lesson, you will create good sentences by practicing an important composition skill: editing.

Some of my composition students think that writing many words makes a good essay or sentence. How wrong. So, so wrong.

A great sentence tells the reader your idea without lots of extra words. In fact, the fewer the words, the better!

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Train Your Brain

Thinking. It’s Good for You.

Want to train your brain to remember words more easily?

Try vocabulary exercises like this. Below is a list of words. All of the vowels are out.

Make new words by adding vowels.Only add vowels (i.e. a, e, i, o, and u), not consonants.

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