Freshman ESL Conversation Spring, Week 7

ESL Conversation Lessons

It’s week 7 for the freshman English conversation class. Exam week.

Weekly Plan

  • review midterm exam questions
  • make schedule for exam times
  • return quiz paper and review answers
  • listening material from textbook

What did we do last week?

  • pair work describing videos
  • had a quiz
  • homework
  • 50% finished worksheet about things

Midterm Exam (20)

  • speaking test
  • check your ability to speak fluently and accurately
  • check your understanding of vocabulary
  • about 4-6 minutes per person
  • many of the longer speaking questions can be printed from this file

Question 1 (1 minute)

  • vocabulary comprehension
  • I say 2-3 words, you give me a fast definition
  • Here is the list with 40 words for the quiz.
  • the words in your question will be random

Question 2 (1-2 minutes)

  • speak fluently about the book you read
  • summarize your book
  • speak 30-40 seconds
  • I will ask follow up question

Question 3 (2 minutes)

  • speak fluently about a topic
  • you will get one topic
  • use long, full sentences with lots of details
  • expect follow up questions

Here are four different topics with suggested questions to answer. You will get one of these topics in the exam (random)

1 Topic: Sports

Are you good at sports?

  • What sports do you play?
  • What is the most popular sport in your country?
  • What are the best ways to keep fit?
  • Do you think most people consider exercise a chore or do they find it fun?
  • What is the most popular form of exercise in your country?

2 Topic: Travel

Do you like traveling?

  • Do you like travel alone or with your friends?
  • Have you traveled to other places? Where are they?
  • What do you usually do when you first arrive in a new place?
  • What are the benefits of traveling?
  • How can you make sure you get the most from your travels?

3 Topic: Your hometown

Describe your town or village.

  • Tell me something about your hometown.
  • Where is your hometown?
  • What do you like about your town?
  • What building is considered famous in your town?
  • What jobs do people in your town do?

4 Topic: Free time

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

  • How much time do you have each week for doing these things?
  • Why do you like doing these activities?
  • How did you start doing this activity at first?
  • Is there some other hobby or sport you would like to try? Why?
  • How has the way people spend their free time changed over the years?

Question 4 (2 minutes)

Answer one these questions from the textbook.

Make an interesting answer with long sentences and lots of details. Expect a few follow up questions.

Your question will be one of these (random).

  1. Do you practice English outside the classroom regularly?
  2. Who do you admire?
  3. What’s your secret dream?
  4. What is something that you have always wanted to do?
  5. Where is some place that you have always wanted to visit?


ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

Attendance and review last week. (5)

Pair work activity (15)

Return Quiz (10)

Exam Speaking Schedule (5)

  • sign up sheet

Review quiz questions (10)

  • pair work

Jeopardy game (30)

Finish Worksheet (10)

  Homework for next class (5 )

  • study for exam


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