ESL Worksheet: Logic Puzzles and Discussion

Learning English does not have to be a boring exercise in grammar drills and vocabulary memorization. Here in Korea, getting the students to use English as a means of communication in the classroom is vital to language development.

That’s why I like to mix logic puzzles and word games into classroom worksheets and discussion activities. It makes the class fun. The students use active English. Everybody learns and gets a little smarter.

English Classroom Puzzle Worksheet

Here is a activity worksheet for today’s class. Enjoy. This ESL worksheet has:

  • a short reading  passage
  • two vocabulary exercises that promote improved awareness of phonetic sounds
  • a creative discussion activity to practice logically structured thinking and speaking

Not bad for a single worksheet. If you like it – or don’t like it – drop me a comment. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “ESL Worksheet: Logic Puzzles and Discussion”

  1. ‘Si World’ Korean students (5th grade and 1st year middle school were half lost on these. #3 = in Korea is soda, not known as ‘juice’ #4, #8 O K was a little easy #5 Koreans don’t use the word ‘sight’ much This was a little bit difficult for these students……I might mention the two students I used this with ARE fairly good with English.

  2. Personally I think it’s a decent worksheet. I’ve taught in Korea for three years and I know that Koreas think of “cider” as something like 7UP, but you can’t produce a worksheet which allows for every culture of English speakers on the planet. It’s a helpful worksheet, thanks.

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