Conversation Class Worksheets: Week 1

Here are some worksheets which my English conversation students will need to download and print for our class.


Core verbs which all students need to know and use in the past tense: core verbs.


Puzzles, questions and riddles to build your knowledge of word details: alphabet and sounds.


A pair work worksheet to practice explain why one things is different from the others: odd-one-out.

ESL Worksheet: Logic Puzzles and Discussion

Learning English does not have to be a boring exercise in grammar drills and vocabulary memorization. Here in Korea, getting the students to use English as a means of communication in the classroom is vital to language development.

That’s why I like to mix logic puzzles and word games into classroom worksheets and discussion activities. It makes the class fun. The students use active English. Everybody learns and gets a little smarter.

English Classroom Puzzle Worksheet

Here is a activity worksheet for today’s class. Enjoy. This ESL worksheet has: