ESL Writing – A Surprising Day

In previous classes, students finished several writing exercises about a person’s daily life experience and neighbourhoods. These writing exercises use real life experience to help shape and guide the student’s descriptive writing.

This assignment asks students to blend their daily life experience with a creative surprise.

Video Writing Prompt

Watch the video called Tomorrow (GPS). It’s a story about a man and woman. Their lives follow a n0rmal routine. Then one day, there is a surprise.

Use the ideas from this video to help to think about how a surprise might change your life. Write a short story, maybe two paragraphs, that describes a normal daily life and a big change.

Expansion: Write a one paragraph summary of this story.

1 thought on “ESL Writing – A Surprising Day”

  1. I guess the guy had parked his car and about to go one cleaner guy came and clean his window with out his asking the driver to clean it or not? he just wiped it and asked $50.00. After that he drive his car following GPS on the way he got phone call from his mum and was asking about his dad. how is the dad? he too listening to the GPS and it said to stop the car and take out the shoes, socks and take the tomorrow day off. He was taking to GPS I’m too busy. He finally reached to the river bank where one lady was waiting him.

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