ESL Writing – Breakfast List



Here is a quick writing assignment.

The purpose of this 5 minute lesson is to active the students’ memory of common words, review countable and non-countable nouns and stimulate creative thinking. Oh, one more thing. Let’s have some fun by watching a really interesting short video.

The Writing Lesson

Watch the video which was produced by Bruton Strouble Studios.

In three minutes, make a list of the breakfast food and drinks you see on the table. Don’t forget to add countable nouns when needed.

My list has 16 different kinds of food and drink. How many can you get?

ESL Writing – A Surprising Day

In previous classes, students finished several writing exercises about a person’s daily life experience and neighbourhoods. These writing exercises use real life experience to help shape and guide the student’s descriptive writing.

This assignment asks students to blend their daily life experience with a creative surprise.

Video Writing Prompt

Watch the video called Tomorrow (GPS). It’s a story about a man and woman. Their lives follow a n0rmal routine. Then one day, there is a surprise.

Use the ideas from this video to help to think about how a surprise might change your life. Write a short story, maybe two paragraphs, that describes a normal daily life and a big change.

Expansion: Write a one paragraph summary of this story.

ESL Writing Lesson – Country Profile

This ESL writing worksheet teaches English students how to write a profile of one country. There are three important tasks in this writing lesson.

  1. Learn the vocabulary used to describe a country by completing the worksheet.
  2. Choose a country for your report. Go to the web and research your country.
  3. Write a one page report using the same ideas and vocabulary.

Here is the worksheet we will use for this writing lesson.

ESL Research Resources

You can save a lot of research time by going to the CIA Word Factbook website. Choose a country and then find your information.

Note: every student in the class must choose a different country.

Report Format

Your final report should be about one country. You will give me that report one week later. There are two key points for this writing assignment.

I want you to show me that you learned and understand the ideas we talked about in class about paragraph style and sentences.

  • First, the paragraphs in your report will have a good topic sentence, good organization and unity.
  • Second, you will use the writing tools which we studied in class.
  • Third, you will write the report in your words. Please do not copy and paste words and sentences from the website. This is really important. I want you to write your ideas. If you copy other people’s work, I will know. And you will get a zero.

Your grade will be based on these three report format parts.

Dog and Sausage

This ESL writing lesson teaches students how to write a short story using the past tense. Download the English writing worksheet and look at the pictures. For each picture, write two or three sentences.

Write your sentences in the past tense. Be sure to describe the action, write about the setting and use the grammar lessons we studied in class – like articles and prepositions. Add your own ideas to make the writing more interesting to you.

For this writing exercise, you might want to learn and use these words.

  • basket, sausage, wall, sidewalk, gate
  • carry, wag, chase, stare, knock

Here is the worksheet: ESL-writing-lesson-worksheet-dog.