ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W2

Welcome to the class. It’s week of the semester.

Hour 1

Quick Notes (10)

  • Are you new to the class? Here is the syllabus 
  • A few notes about my office hours (MON 12-2PM, TUES 1-2,  THURS 1-2, AND MON-THURS 8-8:30am) and contact information.

Writing Technique #2: Sentences with Appositives (10)

Last week, we learned Writing technique #1: Interesting First Sentence.

This week, it is a new writing skill that helps you put lots of information in one sentence.


Appositive Practice (20)

Read the 10 sentence on this practice page. Each question has 2 sentences. Combine those sentences into one sentence with an appositive.

For example:

  1. My uncle is an engineer. My uncle is moving to China.
  2. My uncle, an engineer, is moving to China.

Here are the questions and answers.

Next Class (5)

  1. review homework
  2. fluency activity with appositives
  3. start writing activity #2
  4. rewrite writing activity #1 (creative story)

Fluency Activity (15)

Last class, we learned about appositives. Here is a fluency activity to practice that writing skill.

You have a page with pictures that make a story. Write 2 sentences for each picture. Each sentence must have an appositive.

Here is the picture.


Hour 2

Quick Review (5)

Look at these sentences and choose the answer with the correct appositive.

Fluency Activity (10)

This is a timed writing activity – you have 6 minutes.

For each word below, write 1 sentence with appositives:

  • cake
  • japchae
  • public bath
  • my best friend
  • iphone


Homework Analysis (20)


Wrap Up

  1. Rewrite Writing #1.
  2. Apply this knowledge when you rewrite story #1 (creative story).
  3. Apply this knowledge in the next activity.


Writing Technique #3: Add Details by – Show Me, Don’t Tell Me. (20)

Here some information to help you start writing activity #2.


Hour 3

  1. Rewrite creative story #1
  2. Start writing 2.
  3. Did you finish writing the appositive sentences for the dog and sausage story?

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