ESL Writing Freshmen 2018 Week 11

It’s week 11 of the semester. Time to get on to your short story analysis.


  • Week 11 (May 15-18) Read short story and start analysis
  • Week 12 (May 25) Study quiz #2 (10%), hand in short story analysis (10%), NO CLASS ON TUESDAY – BUDDHA’S BIRTHDAY
  • Week 13 (May 29) Quiz #2

What have we done recently in the writing class?

how to quickly understand and charts

describe change with a few verbs (increase, decrease, go up and go down)

focus an analysis on 3 things: describe the change, describe possible root causes, suggest possible consequences

use hedge words to talk about causes and consequences

think critically: describe the change and the possible reasons and consequences

Writing Activities

#1 analyze two population charts – what is the expected change plus 1-2 causes and 1-2 consequences

#2 think critical about arguments for an electric car – evaluate the main arguments by making connections with facts


New Writing Activities

Short: Murder in a Diner

  • Here is a restaurant crime scene.
  • Early this evening, the police heard a gunshot inside Ernie’s restaurant.
  • The police found the dead body of body of a famous gangster.
  • Ernie, the owner and only employee, said: “The murderer leaned against the wall while firing his gun. There is a hand print on the wall.
  • The last number on the cash register was $8.75.

Who killed the guy?

Analysis Framework

  1. Ask a question
  2. Collect small pieces of data
  3. Make a rule (Why is this important? Does this fact have an important consequence?)
  4. Probable Conclusion/Argument

Long: Did She Lie?

Look at this murder mystery picture. This is what she told the police

  • Yesterday, Queenie and her husband Arthur an argument.
  • She left the house and met friends in a bar. Arthur went to a different bar.
  • She said she left the bar about 1am and asked her friends to come to her house for a drink.
  • She said she arrived home at 1:30 am. Her friends got to her house about 10 minutes later, about 1:40 am.
  • When the friends arrived, she opened the door and was shocked. She said something bad happened.
  • Her husband fell down the stairs. He was coming down for another drink.
  • She called the police.
  • The police report said he died from a head injury and he was drunk when he died.

Do you believe here?

Analysis Framework

  1. Ask a question
  2. Collect small pieces of data
  3. Make a rule
  4. Probable Conclusion/Argument

Here are some hints and sample sentences to get you started and help you think about this exercise.

Hour 3


What did we do in the last class?

We looked at two murder stories.

We practiced a way of thinking that helps us make connections. It helps us see why a fact might have some special meaning. There were 4 steps:


Notes and Ideas


Writing Today

  • Finish or rewrite #1: population pyramid
  • Finish or rewrite #2: electric car
  • Finish or rewrite #3: murder mystery analysis (in house)
  • Write short story analysis: due next Friday

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