How to Use Logic Puzzles and Word Games

Logic puzzles and word games in the classroom is a good way to make learning English fun. If you need to fill a 20-minute gap with a high interest and useful speaking (or writing) experience, try one of these worksheets.

Logic puzzles get students thinking in the classroom

Below, you’ll find four logic puzzle and word game worksheets. These teacher resources can be used in an ESL conversation or writing class.

Use these worksheets in a couple of ways. It depends on your classroom setup and needs. Here are 2 suggestions:

a Speaking Activity

  • Put students in pairs or small groups.
  • Students read questions and make answers (e.g. talking) as a group. 
  • After 10-15 minutes, review answers with whole class.

b Writing Activity

  • Students work in pairs or small groups and write all of the answers.
  • After 10-15 minutes, students write answers on the whiteboard.
logic puzzles and student learning games
Logic puzzles have a side effect – people think

1 Food Vocabulary Worksheet

This ESL worksheet works especially well when you have a food theme. It reviews basic vocabulary (along with syllable recognition).

The cake puzzle (number 13) is a classic and requires a little bit of critical thinking. The answer is short but complex, so it works well as a writing task.

Logic puzzle reaching Notes

  • Before questions 12 and 13, pre-teach the use of imperatives so students can write short, but grammatically correct sentences.

2 Days and Dates Worksheet

These word games and puzzles are well suited for kids or beginner level ESL students. 

The word games get students to produce and review a good amount of essential vocabulary that learners need to know like weeks, months, and a few holidays during the year.

3 Brain Crushers

These logic puzzles and word games are well suited for high intermediate to advanced level students. Or, students who are good at critical thinking.

Some of the answers require complex explanations.

The light switch problem, for example, requires a two-part answer with action plus three IF sentences.

4 Family Themed Worksheet

This family vocabulary worksheet is suitable for high beginner+ levels. The logic puzzles involve four short reading passages with simple language. The first activity looks simple but requires students to understand that the /ch/ sound can be created with different spelling combinations.

Watch a video

Need more puzzles? Watch this video with brain teasers. It has a few very neat puzzles that most people can get.


More teaching resources

If you and your students enjoy these word games and puzzles, why not buy the whole ebook? The Monster Pack is an awesome teacher’s resource with 240 pages of fun learning materials.

You get 160 logic puzzles and word games, heaps of level sorted trivia questions (written for an international audience) and loads of worksheets and activities. Buy the ebook and download it instantly.

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