Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 11

Welcome to week 11 of our class English conversation class. It’s time to hand in your second book report.

ESL Conversation

Plan for this Week

ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Pair Work Vocabulary Review (20)

Read your list of words. Check the dictionary if you don’t know the meaning. 

Make small groups with 4 people. Give hints so the other people can guess correctly the words.

Fill up your sheet with 28 words.


2 Fluency drill (10)

Here is a list of words. Make a question for each each with a different verb. Speak quickly.

Partner answers. Listen carefully and ask 2 more follow up questions. Go on to the next question. Change roles.

You have 5 minutes to finish the task. When you finish, change partners and repeat. Total time 10 minutes.

Have you ever … (eat, cook, see, try, made)

  • grilled pork chops
  • spicy cold noodles
  • steamed vegetables
  • fried eggs
  • mashed potatoes
  • pickled cabbage
  • roast lamb
  • barbecued beef small intestines
  • raw fish
  • smoked salmon


3 Textbook, page 44 (10)

Read, read while listening and shadowing.

Key point: food vocabulary, counting food and talking about countable nouns.


Hour 2

Textbook, page 45 (10)

Read grammar box. 

Check correct answer in each sentence.


Food trivia (20)

Ask and answer questions about food.


Textbook, page 46 (10)

Review vocabulary.

Add food to different kinds of cooking styles.


Textbook, page 47 #3  (10)

Read and listen.



Textbook, page 47 #4  (10)

Read pink box.

Fill in blanks.

Answer questions about yourself.


Hour 3

Pair Video Summary (20)

This is a fluency and accuracy activity. 

Part 1

You will watch a short video. Your partner will not watch the video. Then you will describe the video story. You will talk about:

  • characters
  • setting
  • plot

Try to describe some details as well.

The video might has a special message. What is the he message?

Then we will watch the video together. Did you do a good job?

Part 2

Change roles. Your partner will watch and summarize a video.


Video for the ESL Class

1 A single life

2 Reach

3 Ecirava


Food Puzzle Worksheet

Test your knowledge of food with word games and puzzle food worksheet.


Play, do or go? (10)

Thees verbs are often used when talking about sports or hobbies. This quick exercise helps students learn the simple rules.



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