ESL Writing Freshmen 2018 Week 5

It’s week five of the semester. That means next week – week 6 – you will have a quiz.

Hour 1

1 Introduction (5)

What have we written so far?

  • #1: A Place – do, see, eat
  • #2: The Diner (creative story)
  • #3: 8 sentence drill (long and short sentences, optional to hand in for feedback) – the one with Santa gambling
  • #4: Movie Review (interesting first sentence)
  • # 5: Complex sentences based on 7 picture prompts (last picture was a young child)
  • #6: More complex sentences (one subject) – based on 10 pictures (last picture was Elvis)
  • # 7: Controlled writing with 2 sentences per picture (week 4)

What did we do last week? 

  • Reviewed complex sentences
  • Learned how to write a special complex sentence  – one subject without repeating the name or pronoun.
  • started to do free writing
  • another fluency drill 
  • editing
  • controlled writing exercise

Our Schedule (5)

Next week – week 6 of the semester – will be the last chance to hand in writing for feedback. I will return this writing during week 7. During week 7, we will review the class lessons. You will also spend most of your class time preparing for the midterm exam.

After the mid term exam, we will be doing a different kind of writing with new activities. We will not review the first 7 writing activities.

Sample Student Writing (10)

Here are a few examples of what some students wrote for last week’s exercise (2 sentences per picture about a man and woman in a restaurant). The examples are random.

After cutting his steak, Andre thought about grabbing the wine bottle and hitting Rhea. Then he gave up on that idea.

Before eating dinner, I am scolded by my wife about a small thing. I’m angry at her.

While dreaming, Fred looked at his girlfriend’s face and said, “I love you.” The girlfriend smiled.

After sitting down, Jack and Mary were happy to have a meal together. Then Jack had a sudden thought.

Here are some examples from the writing drill with pictures (dog licks ice cream, etc)

While playing alone in the forest, the man got lost.

While sitting on a chair, they had a fight.

After eating ice cream, the dog was happy.

After listening to music, she went crazy.

Before going out, she sat on the floor and thought about where to go.

Before getting on the bus, they just sat absent-mindedly.


2 Personal Writing: Free Writing (25)

Spend 10 minutes writing in your personal journal. 

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. In fact don’t even use an eraser. Just write. I will give you a prompt. Use that to start your imagination.

  • If you want to continue writing, then go ahead.
  • You could also use this time to complete your rewriting tasks.
  • You could also finish the two editing exercises I gave you last week.


Hours 2-3

1 Quiz Preparation (75)

Next week you have a quiz. The quiz is worth 10%.

I will give you a study paper. We will work ion the study questions in class.  This is a good chance to ask me questions about the specific writing skills we have learned in class. This week, you can ask me questions – in class or in my office.

2 Rewriting (15)

By now, you should have finished the third and final draft of writing activities numbers 1 and 2.

  • A place (do, see, eat)
  • The Diner (a creative story that involves food)
  • Number 3 (8 short and long sentences)

You should also be finishing the second draft or numbers 4 and 5.

  • movie review with interesting first sentence
  • 10 sentence with special complex sentences based on picture prompts

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