ESL Writing Freshmen 2018 Week 6

It’s time for a quiz. Did you study the questions on the review paper?

Hour 1

We will have a written quiz during the one-hour class. Please remember: no paper, no books, no phones and no talking. Just bring your pencil and eraser.


Hours 2 -3

Review (5)

Let’s look at the two types of writing we have done so far this semester.

Long Writing

Short Writing

  • #3: 8 sentence drill (long and short sentences, optional to hand in for feedback) – the one with Santa gambling
  • #5: Complex sentences based on 7 picture prompts (last picture was a young child)
  • #6: More complex sentences (one subject) – based on 10 pictures (last picture was Elvis)
  • #7: Controlled writing with 2 sentences per picture (2 people in a restaurant)

Writing Skills

  1. show me don’t tell me
  2. sentences with prepositional phrases (lots of accurate information)
  3. sentence variety 1-2-3-4 rule
  4. interesting first sentence
  5. complex sentences
  6. complex sentences with one subject in independent clause and verb+ing in the dependent clause
  7. editing (what to look for)

Review Quiz Answers (10)

Return quiz papers and review some answers.


  • given name, family name

Part 1

pronoun and adverb

  • She finished her work quickly to go back home.

a pair on antonyms

  • Although your body is alive, your soul is dead.

parallel structure with 3 gerunds

  • I enjoy reading, cooking and swimming.

a pair of synonyms

  • A big man carried a large box.

Part 2

While taking some other stuff from his shop, Sam saw a dog with his sausages. He tried to catch her, but it was too late.

While running, the dog still couldn’t catch the sausage.

Part 3 Editing

The fill correct editing passage is here.

Writing Skill #8 – Paraphrasing (20)

Paraphrasing is when you take one idea and say it with different words. It is a useful writing skill because it will help you 

  • find a better way to say your own ideas with fewer words or better words
  • talk about other people’s ideas without copying their words (that’s called plagiarism and that’s bad)

Paraphrasing is an important re-writing skills. many students rewrite the errors in their text but don;t look for better ways to express their ideas. When you know how to paraphrase you will learn a skills that makes your text better.  

Paraphrasing is different from summarizing. Summarizing takes a long story and makes it short. For example, we could write a one paragraph summary about a movie, or a 2 page summary about a book.

Summaries are shorter than the original text. Paraphrasing is usually, but not always, about the number of words.

Paraphrase with Synonyms

In this lesson, we will practice paraphrasing skills be replacing words and phases with synonyms.


Find a synonym for the underlined words/phrases. Re-write each sentence using these new words or phrases. For example:

More than half of the women who went to the one-day meeting were in business with their husbands.

Possible answers:

The majority of the women who attended the one-day meeting were in business with their spouses.

Most of the women who showed up for the one-day meeting were in business with their better half.

Practice Examples

  1. Approximately 100,000 people went to the protest on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Amazon is one of the biggest shops in the world.
  3. Why are tweets restricted to 140 characters?
  4. Rubik made a cube to help his students understand architecture.

More Practice Questions

Read the sentences. Paraphrase the BOLD parts of the sentences.

  1. Some students complain about being tired in the morning.
  2. The teacher is not listening to them.
  3. Home buyers with cash can exploit the decline in housing prices.
  4. Lifting heavy cartons will aggravate your sore back.
  5. Most economic analysts predict the financial crisis will persist for another year.

Even More Practice Questions (20)

Download the worksheet and practice paraphrasing with synonyms. The answers are at the end of this file.

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