ESL Writing Lesson – Country Profile

This ESL writing worksheet teaches English students how to write a profile of one country. There are three important tasks in this writing lesson.

  1. Learn the vocabulary used to describe a country by completing the worksheet.
  2. Choose a country for your report. Go to the web and research your country.
  3. Write a one page report using the same ideas and vocabulary.

Here is the worksheet we will use for this writing lesson.

ESL Research Resources

You can save a lot of research time by going to the CIA Word Factbook website. Choose a country and then find your information.

Note: every student in the class must choose a different country.

Report Format

Your final report should be about one country. You will give me that report one week later. There are two key points for this writing assignment.

I want you to show me that you learned and understand the ideas we talked about in class about paragraph style and sentences.

  • First, the paragraphs in your report will have a good topic sentence, good organization and unity.
  • Second, you will use the writing tools which we studied in class.
  • Third, you will write the report in your words. Please do not copy and paste words and sentences from the website. This is really important. I want you to write your ideas. If you copy other people’s work, I will know. And you will get a zero.

Your grade will be based on these three report format parts.

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