City Hall Training: Week 1

Welcome to this conversation class. I hope you find this class both interesting and a little unique.

Here’s the basic purpose of this class. To improve your English communication skills by understanding and using six words:

  1. thesis
  2. hypothesis
  3. argument
  4. claim
  5. premise
  6. fallacy

That does not sound like a lot of work. But actually, to truly understand these concepts and use them on a daily basis  … in conversation, listening and reading… requires some effort and study.


Here is the syllabus for this class.


Here is a worksheet that helps ESL students understand how to write a good thesis sentence.

This ESL worksheet shows how to use a thesis sentence in a short paragraph.


Here is a worksheet that explain how to make a hypothesis sentence.


You have some homework. Please read the article THE ART OF FAILURE by Malcolm Gladwell. It is in your booklet. After reading the article please complete these tasks:

  1. Write 6-8 comprehension questions, which you will ask your partner. This helps you understand the article better as well as your colleagues.
  2. Write a thesis sentence.
  3. Write a short summary of the article.
  4. Write 2 or 3 hypotheses from the article.



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