Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 1

ESL Conversation

Welcome to our English conversation class, spring 2018.

Plan for this week

  • course syllabus (e.g. book, grades, etc)
  • extra resources
  • ESL conversation activities


ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Introduction and resources (10)

Welcome to the class

  • Need 4 things every class: notebook, textbook, pencil, and dictionary

2 5 x 5 Grid (20 min)

This is a social activity.

  • It helps students generate language and meet classmates at the same time. 

3 Sound and Sort b (10 min)

  • A critical thinking activity that requires students classify words. 

4 Homework

  • Get 4 things

Hour 2

1 Review syllabus (15)

Point out and explain objectives, student expectations, and grades

2 Extra Resources (10)

3 Odd One Out  (20 min)

  • model sentences: This one has … and these have …  It is … and they are … 
  • critical thinking activity
  • students use a criterion to separate words into two groups
  • wrap up

Hour 3

1 Textbook, page 2 (10)

  • students read quiz and answer questions
  • check answers with class

2 Quick Grammar Review (10)

  • Review adjectives and adverbs
  • change adjectives to adverbs

3 Quick Read Again (5)

  • Students read page 2 quiz again
  • This time NOTICE and circle adjectives and adverbs
  • Teacher explains importance of noticing as a language learning tool

4 Textbook, page 3 2A (10)

  • teach review irregular adverbs
  • students answer questions  
  • check answers with class

5 Pair Work Conversation

  • Students take turns asking and answering questions
  • Make answers with adjectives or adverbs

Discussion Questions About Personality

Student A

  1. What is your best personality trait?
  2. Do people fall in love with good looks or with a good personality?
  3. How are male and female personalities different?
  4. Do countries have personalities? What is the personality of some countries? How about Italy?
  5. Do you think our birthday (or horoscope) can affect our personality?

Student B

  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
  2. What is your blood type? Do you think blood type can make a different personality?
  3. How would you describe your personality?
  4. Whose personality do you like best?
  5. What do you think are the factors that shape a person’s personality?

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