Learn English Conversation, Freshman, Spring 2018, Week 2

ESL Conversation

Welcome to the second week of our class English conversation class.



ESL Conversation Activities

Hour 1

1 Vocabulary Warmer (15)

Let’s do a vocabulary review activity. Can you remember the words we learned and practiced last week? Let’s check with a hint game. You and your partner have a list of words. The lists are different. One partner gives a hint. The other partner listens and tries to guess the word on your paper.  You may have to give more than one hint. 

Try to make the hints a little challenging.

When complete, your partner writes the word on his/her list. Then change roles. Your partner gives a hint and you guess the words.

2 Quick Review of Last Week (5)

  • looked at the syllabus
  • talked about 4 things to bring to class
  • learned pronunciation of final S sounds (sound and sort word game)
  • practiced meeting people (grid game with 5 questions)
  • practiced critical thinking with Odd One Out word game
  • reviewed adjective and adverbs to describe people and things
  • short Q&A speaking activity about personalities (e.g. blood type and horoscope)
  • finished page 2 in textbook

3 This Week (1)

  • start book report project
  • textbook to build vocabulary 
  • fluency drill (review easy verbs in past tense)
  • shadowing activity to improve listening skills

4 Book Report Description (10)

This semester you will read 2 books. This will be a big part of your learning experience and your final grade. This assignment will require you to do some homework each week.

I strongly suggest you start this week.

Or try this display.

5 Textbook, page 3 2A (10)

  • quick review of pink box – rules for adjectives and adverbs
  • notice irregular verbs
  • manner = how something is done 
  • fill in blanks
  • check answers with class

6 Fluency and Accuracy (1)

These two words represent your basic language learning goals.

  • Fluency means faster.
  • Accuracy means correct. That can be grammatically right or it can mean you use the right word for situation. 

7 Fluency Drill (10)

Look at the chart of verbs. We will do the top line this week.

  • Ask your partner a past tense question with the top line verbs.
  • Partner answers. Listen carefully and ask 2 more follow up questions.
  • Go on to the next question.
  • Change roles.
  • You have 5 minutes to finish the task.
  • When you finish, change partners and repeat.
  • Total time 10 minutes.


  • learn by heart the 20 words from vocabulary review activity
  • get your reading book
  • start reading
  • bring 4 things to class

Hour 2

1 Textbook, page 4 B1-A (20)

In this activity, we practice reading and listening. 

Step 1 Read

  • students read 4 short stories 
  • students circle any words they don’t know
  • check words in dictionary
  • check answers with class

Step 2 Read While Listening (RWL)

  • students listen to sound file one time and read at the same time

Step 3 Pair Work Shadowing

  • one student reads text from one text box
  • partner shadows text (repeats as quickly as possible in a whisper tone)
  • teacher will provide an example in class

2 Textbook, page 4 B1-B C D (5)

  • quick review at bottom of page
  • read questions and write in answers

3 Textbook, page 5  2-A (15)

Quick grammar point: adverbs before adjectives

  • read examples in pink box
  • students check vocabulary in 2-A; use dictionary if necessary
  • with partner, make questions using 2-B sentence models

Bonus Discussion Questions

What do these words and phrases mean? 

  1. impulsive
  2. down to earth
  3. cynical
  4. picky
  5. eccentric
  6. ambitious
  7. sensible

Hour 3

1 Review Verb tenses (30)

Here is a good chance to quickly review 6 important verb tenses.

  • review slides and examples
  • students complete Drill 1
  • check a few sentences on the board 
  • review sample answers on slide



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