Easy ESL Speaking Game: Speed Game

Speed game is a popular speaking activity in most ESL classes. My English students like this activity because it doesn’t look like they are learning English. I love it because it helps to build English fluency skills.


Download and print the Speed Game word lists. Here is the link for the Speed Game word list.

Cut the lists into groups of ten words. (The lists have been formatted that way for easy prep.) Thereare 32 sets of words, which is a total of 320 basic words which students should know.

How to play. Make teams. Give a list to one person. That person makes hints for his or her team with some time limit. Usually 60 to 90 seconds works well.

Each correctly guessed word is one point. If the student doesn’t know the word…pass. Everybody gets a chance to speak and make hints. Tally the points and declare a winner.

Easy and fun.


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