Learn English Vocabulary

Here is a link to a long list of ideas for learning English vocabulary. Some of the learning techniques are old, though useful (I still remember my high school teacher refusing to accept one word answers to questions in the classroom). Others might offer a new approach. Read the article or skim the list below.

  1. learn English phrases instead of single words (chunks)
  2. frequent review of word lists (keep lists handy)
  3. graded readers to attach sentiment to words
  4. put words into context
  5. mnemonics
  6. talk to native speakers
  7. flash cards plus audio
  8. repetition
  9. lots of listening content
  10. start with words relative to immediate environment
  11. learn the sound and flow of a language
  12. listen while you read
  13. regular practice
  14. read and write
  15. language exchange/conversation
  16. connect words with pictures
  17. study music lyrics
  18. write new words in a handy notebook











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