Learn English Writing: Getting Creative With Paragraphs

For the past week, the ESL students have learned how to write English paragraphs by reading statistical data. The English students then took those separate paragraphs and created a five paragraph essay. That was hard work.

Most students did a great job. All of the students showed me their writing is getting better.

Review of Student Writing

The purpose of the last ESL writing lesson was to write a five paragraph essay. But there were some specific points which I wanted the students to learn.

  • Have a good topic sentence. This is the main idea.

Do you have a good topic sentence? Here is a test. Ask yourself this: What is my story about? If you can make a clear one sentence answer, you probably have a good topic sentence.

  • Understand linking.

Linking is this: The middle party of your paragraph (or essay) explains your topic sentence. This is proof. So, your middle sentences should link (or be related) to the topic sentence.

  • Finding the Big Idea!

This writing lesson was about describing change. So, we use words like more than, less than, increased, etc. But, here is the bid idea. It is important to be able to explain why change happens.

Some students found a way to do this. They connected food changes with other factors, like a growing economy, greater wealth and even technology. Good job.

Student Writing Examples

  1. Korean society has changed a lot since 1969.
  2. In conclusion, eating patterns in Korean have changed.
  3. People have changed their eating habits.
  4. The Korean diet has changed like our life style.

 Creative Paragraph Writing

In this ESL lesson, ESL students will learn English creative writing. The learning objective is write creatively while still using the basic paragraph structure. That is:

  1. main idea
  2. three supporting ideas – this is your proof, explian why you think so
  3. conclusion

This ESL writing lesson uses a video prompt. Here is the video.

After watching the video, write one paragraph. You might want to write a paragraph that answer questions, like these:

  1. What is the video’s message?
  2. What do you think about the mother?
  3. What is wrong with the boy?

Howl from Natalie Bettelheim on Vimeo.

“Howl” is Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli’s graduation film from Bezalel academy of art and design.

Director/designer: Natalie Bettelheim
Co-Director/Animator: Sharon Michaeli
Sound design & music: Yoav Brill

project blog:

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