Quick Writing Ideas

ESL students and teachers sometimes need a quick, simple idea to start a writing project. Not a big essay. But a small prompt to get writing into action.

Here are three great ideas. I found them on a website. Here is the link. The site has lots of good writing ideas.

Writing Prompt 1. Visualization

Think about a place.  Maybe your favorite room. Living, kitchen, bathroom, workshop. Describe the room in great detail. The size, shape, color. The things in the room. What’s on the wall? What’s under the bed? What does it smell like?

Write a paragraph that really puts the reader in the room.

Writing Prompt 2. The Senses

The idea is the same as #1 but here you are writing about food. Use words that activate every sense to describe food. You know, the size, color, taste, texture, sound of eating.

Food can also trigger memories. What do you remember when you eat that food?

Writing Prompt 3. 100 Words

The challenge here is to write only 100 words about one subject: what matters to you. It could be a short paragraph or a poem.  The writing could be an answer or a question.

Here is an example from the website. This poem was written by a grade 4 student. Very impressive work.

Does the field of sunflowers matter?
The splash as I jump in a pool matters
The smell of the egg salad for my sandwich matters
The lead in my pencil matters
It all matters
It matters helping others
The winning goal matters
All the love in my family matters
The wanting of a dog matters
It matters the way I think
The rain out on the yard matters
The noise in the classroom matters
Do clean rooms matter?
-Erin Goldsmith, 4th grade

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