Fall 2013 Advanced Conversation Class: Week 3

For the last two weeks we learned and practice a new kind of thinking called 6 hats. The six different colored hats can help ESL students learn English and improve their speaking skills by teaching them what to talk about, or how to describe something. Some people say that it is good for your thinking.

Today we will learn about a new kind of thinking. that is called critical thinking. I hope this will help my ESL students speak English better.

This week we will start the lesson by learning about arguments.

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Fall 2013 Beginner ESL Conversation: Week 3

This is week 3 of the university semester. My students are great and they are very serious about learning English.

ESL Conversations Lessons

This week our ESL class will have three main learning objectives:

  1. review and practice what we learned last week (present tense with ING verbs) and short speaking stories about feelings
  2. make short stories to describe people
  3. learn and practice using adjectives to talk about places

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Fall 2013 Advanced Conversation Class: Week 1

It’s a new semester and welcome to the Advanced ESL Conversation class.

ESL Class Syllabus

Here is the syllabus for our ESL conversation class.

ESL Activities

This conversation and vocabulary worksheet has words which might look similar but have different meanings.

Work with a partner and explain the differences between the words. Make examples for each sentence.

Creativity Lesson

Here is a quick exercise that requires you to have some imagination and creativity. This is a lesson that was used by a business professor  class in California.

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