Teach English Writing Skills: A Nifty Lesson About Articles

Writing with Articles

Articles are tricky. Those small, pesky words – a, an the – cause students learning English a good deal of uncertainty. Here’s a three-part lesson with loads of activities to help students learn and practice the proper usage of articles.

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Student Writing – Articles

In this English writing lesson, my ESL students are going to read and edit their writing. Actually, students will edit their classmates’ writing. They will be asked to read and check the grammar, apostrophes,  articles, conjunctions, prepositional phrases and gerunds.

Here are two writing and editing worksheets for this lesson:

Articles and Nouns

Learning English grammar rules about articles, like A and THE, is very difficult for ESL students studying composition.

This English writing worksheet teaches ESL students the rules for using articles in sentences and paragraphs. Read the lesson and answer the questions in the worksheet.

Download the writing worksheet here: articles grammar lesson.