English Listening Lesson – Seconds

Teach English Listening and Speaking

  • Focus: speaking, listening and evaluating
  • Time: 25-40 minutes
  • Level: intermediate and up

Main Idea

This video lesson helps ESL students improve English listening skills, especially for numbers. The ESL video also has a simple but powerful message for students learning English.

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Our Secret – ESL Video

Do you have a secret that nobody should know? That’s the story of this ESL classroom video. What’s the secret? You won’t know until the end of the video.

ESL Listening Activity

For this English lesson, watch the video and answer the questions with your partner.

  1. What’s the woman’s name?
  2. Why is he writing a letter to the woman?
  3. What did the man decide to do?
  4. What is the name of her favorite horse?
  5. Who is Robert?
  6. What parts of the farm remind him of her?
  7. Who is Nathan?
  8. Who is Roger?
  9. What is the secret?

Bart’s Auto – ESL Classroom Video

This ESL video lesson is a great story about human courage. For this English activity, watch the video and answers these questions.

Teaching English Questions

  1. How did the man first start to learn about tools?
  2. How did he first learn to fix cars?
  3. What’s the name of his car shop?
  4. What does he like to read?
  5. How does the economy affect his business?
  6. What does he think will happen to car shops in 10 years? Why?
  7. Why does he owe a lot to his parents?
  8. What did someone post on the web about his repair shop?

“Intimidator” from Jim Quattrocki on Vimeo.