Learn English Sounds (2)

Here is the second pair work activity to help students pronounce and hear hard sounds.

Download the worksheet here: sort sounds.

You can see there are 30 words. Divide words into 3 groups.

Each groups has something in common. What is the common thing? My students have to find that out.

If you missed the first sound and sort ESL pair work activity, you can get that worksheet here.

ESL Listening – Mouse Eye

This award-winning video tells a simple but fun story about a woman with a strange job. The video and worksheet are used together for an ESL listening skills lesson suitable for intermediate level English students. There are listening comprehension questions plus a few short writing tasks and a crossword puzzle.

ESL Listening Lesson

Download the listening and writing worksheet here: video-listening-lesson-worksheet.

ESL Listening – Copy

I don’t know what to think of this ESL listening video.  It’s not a highly educational lesson, though it does teach ESL listening students how to hear and pronounce a single word.

ESL Listening Skills

The video does have great style: think Japanese punk fused with cool animation and a single thought. Definitely, a 1 minute diversion for the English class when you need a break from other listening skills activities. Think Friday afternoon fun.

“COPY” Official Videoclip from yasudatakahiro on Vimeo.

ESL Lesson – What Happens Next?

In this English speaking lesson, a video has 10 short clips. Your job is to watch the video and describe what happens next in each clip. This ESL lesson will test your speaking skills and your ability to guess what might happen next.

Here are the 10 scenes in this English lesson.

  1. soccer match
  2. road
  3. bike race
  4. soccer game
  5. car race
  6. bike race
  7. golf game
  8. TV home shopping
  9. soccer game
  10. antique show