ESL Writing – Guided Lesson

This ESL writing lesson blends guided writing skills and creativity. Guided writing is a process that helps ESL students learn one or two writing skills in each lesson.

Writing Assignment

Download the lesson here: guided-writing-lesson.

Students read the paragraph. You have two tasks.

First, change the subject of the story from one spider to the plural form – spiders.

Second write a new paragraph to finish the story.

The story and writing lesson were adapted from an idea by ISP Nation in “Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing.”

ESL Writing Lessons – Categories

In this ESL writing lesson, students will practice grouping words into one category. This English writing activity has two parts.

  • First, read the worksheet and add one word to each group. The new word must be part of the same category.
  • Second, complete the second page by writing the name of the category for each group of words.

Writing Skills

Every paragraph has one idea, which we describe in the topic sentence. By knowing how many small things can be grouped into one category, ESL students will be able to imagine and write good topic sentences and paragraphs that show unity.

Click here to download the ESL lesson writing worksheets.