City Hall Training Program Final Session

Welcome back to the final City Hall training session. The general subject of this class is Business English. Click the link to read the syllabus.


We will conduct a number of role play games that require some negotiation skills. I’m certain that all of you have developed very good negotiation skills already in your professional career. Lets see of you can use those skills – in English – and learn one or two more strategies.

When negotiating, it might be useful to consider these four strategies:


A yield strategy means do not negotiate.  A person who yields accepts the first offer or assumes the price is fixed. Why yield? Don’t like conflict. Fear of breaking social rules. People who yield often assume other people are more powerful

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Teach ESL Writing: Paraphrase Writing Lesson Plan



Nominalization means changing a word into a noun. Nominalization usually involves changing verbs to nouns though adjectives (e.g. careless to carelessness) and adverbs (e.g. wordy to wordiness) can nominalized as well.

Nominalization is commonly used in academic textbooks, legal documents and professional or government reports. Its effect is to emphasize the action by adding punch to the end of the sentence (e.g. chemical fertilizers accelerate plant growth). It also creates a noun concept which can be operationalized and classified (e.g. fatal becomes fatalities).

Some critics don’t like nominalization because it creates wordy sentences. In other words, some writing critics harbor no fear regarding their expression of dislike of wordiness.

Here are some examples of nominalization:

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