ESL Conversation Freshmen 2017 Week 6

It’s week 6 of the English class. Time to learn English and have a quiz.

What did we do last week?

  1. Nothing. That was a long Thanksgiving holiday.

What did we do 2 weeks ago?

Different kinds of look like and like.

Reviewed practice questions for quiz #1 (this week).

A few pages from unit 8 in the textbook (78 – 83).

ESL Speaking Hour 1

Intro (10)

  • attendance
  • plan for the week
  • review schedule


Week 6 Oct 12-13

  • quiz # 1 on Thursday/Friday afternoon

Week 7 Oct 16-20

  • mid term exam review
  • practice test questions in class
  • return quiz #1
  • make test time table
  • book report due Thursday/Friday

Discussion Questions (20)

  1. Did you ever borrow something and forget to return it?
  2. When are you in a bad mood?
  3. Who is a person you’d like spend more time with?
  4. Is there a place you’d like to visit more often?
  5. Do you ever worry about anything?
  6. Do you ever buy gifts for friends or family members?
  7. What can’t you say no to?

Pair Work Worksheet (15)

Do you now these words? Try this vocabulary worksheet with your partner.

Hours 2 and 3

Intro (5)

  • attendance
  • next week book report due (Thursday/Friday)

Plan for Today

  • Vocabulary Preview
  • Unit 9
  • quiz (last 25 minutes of class)


Unit 9 Vocabulary Preview (10)

Technology phrasal verbs

  • turn on
  • freeze up
  • run antivirus software
  • get on the internet
  • turn off

 Page 86 Lesson A1 A and C (15)

  • read
  • listen
  • read and listen

Page 87 #2 Questions within Questions (15)

Direct questions – verb is usually close to the question word.

  • What is the problem?

Question inside a question – verb is near the end of the sentence.

  • Do you know what the problem is?

Question inside a sentence- verb is near the end of the sentence.

  • I don’t know what the problem is.

Part A

  • Make sentences with the expressions: a question inside a questions or a question inside a sentence.
  • Check answers on board

Page 87  Speak and Listen (15)

  • read questions
  • listen
  • listen and write
  • ask partner for answers

Vocabulary Worksheet (15)

Quiz #1 (20)

  • no paper, books, phones or dictionaries
  • when you are done, see you next week
  • don’t forget the book report

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