ESL Writing Freshmen 2017 Week 7

It’s week 7 of the semester. Time to get ready for a midterm exam.

Learn English Writing


Last week:

  • finished a quiz

This Week

  • return quiz and review answers
  • finish rewriting all four writing assignments
  • finish feedback
  • review study notes for the mid term exam
  • check the exam schedule

Hour 1 and 2

  • Attendance (5)
  • Return quiz and review answers (15)
  • Half semester review (5)
  • Review exam questions (15)

Hour 2

  • practice questions part 2 (20)
  • start rewriting to prepare for exam (20)

Hour 3

  • attendance
  • appositive review and practice


Half-Semester Review

Started the semester with a plan to understand, “What is good writing?”

The answer is the 6+1 writing traits.

  1. idea
  2. voice
  3. word choice
  4. sentence fluency
  5. organisation
  6. conventions
  7. presentation

Four major writing tasks to learn and practice these 7 parts of good writing:

  • #1 Creative story (based on a picture): idea, voice, word choice, organisation
  • #2 Rafting Story: idea, voice, add details
  • #3 Boat and Goat: idea, articles, narration, perspective, voice, complex sentences
  • #4 Howl (video): summarize the story, analyze the message

We also did some smaller activities:

  • complex sentences
  • parallel structure
  • noun modifiers
  • articles
  • editing (punctuation, spelling and basic grammar)
  • importance of a good first sentence
  • wordy sentences (redundant words, expletives)

Mid Term Exam Study Notes

The exam (25%) will have 3 parts. The exam will be 50 minutes long.

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule is as follows:

  • EGL 109-01 Monday, October 23, 12 noon (regular class time, regular room)
  • EGL 109-02 Tuesday, October 24, 12 noon (regular class time, regular room)

Part 1. Rewrite your creative story (#1) or rafting story (#2) . My choice.

Why? Show me your best creative writing.

It will be graded as follows:

  • 1-3 pages (max) in length
  • demonstrates ability to put 6+1 writing traits in a story
  • no major grammar or spelling errors
  • no major missing details (all main questions should be discussed in the text like who, what, where, when, why and how)
  • it should have a strong first sentence, good flow and a good ending
  • it’s interesting
  • it should use the writing elements we studied in class (e.g. complex and compound sentences).
  • proper presentation and organisation (paragraphs and margins)

Part 2. Working with Sentences

This section asks you to show me your ability to write and fix many kinds of sentences.

You should be able to write:

Here are some practice questions fort Part 2.

Look at the pictures: write complex sentences with 4 pictures (15)

Noun Modifiers Practice: Fix the wordy sentences.

  1. May I have a spoon for soup?
  2. Ring the bell that is for the door.
  3. I have an interview for a job today.
  4. The station for the train is closed.
  5. Can you buy a leash for the dog?
  6. I own a house made from bricks.
  7. It is a bridge made of rope.
  8. Where is the key for my car?
  9. I need a bowl for the soup.
  10. She stood beside a lamp for the street.


Write sentences with parallel structure.

  1. I washed the dishes, …..
  2. In high school, we …
  3. Good baseball players can …
  4. This weekend I drank coffee, …..
  5. The teacher stood up, …..
  6. The audience cheered, ….
  7. My favorite school subjects were …
  8. Animals in the jungle run fast, …..
  9. Mary likes hiking ,….
  10. Every book report should talk about ….

Part 3. Error Correction

Why? Show me your ability to find and fix text errors.

You will be given a short text to read. Rewrite the text and fix the mistakes. All or some of the following errors might be included:

  • spelling
  • grammar (including articles)
  • complex and compound sentence errors
  • poor noun modifiers
  • capitalization
  • punctuation
  • weak first sentence

Here are a few examples. Use them to practice.

Here is another editing practice exercise.

Here is a third worksheet with more practice questions.


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