ESL Activities: Quick Vocabulary Exercise

This two-minute ESL activity is a short reading and vocabulary exercise with a surprise ending.


  1. Read the clues below with your students.
  2. Choose one person from the three patients.
  3. Look at the pictures.

Least Preferred Patient Test

You have a job interview with a local hospital. The hospital helps many kinds of people but it is famous for doctors who are good at helping old people.

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Beginner ESL Exam: Conversation Questions

It’s almost time for the final exam. It’s an ESL speaking test which will show my students’ ability to remember answers. The test is also about fluency.

I give my students the questions before the test so they can practice. It’s also a trick I use to improve fluency. My students understand that the answers they give during the test must be correct and quick. No delays.

ESL Speaking Exam Questions

Here are the exam questions for the fall semester beginner level ESL conversation class: esl-beginner-final-exam-questions.