ESL Video – Day of Light

Here is another video discussion lesson for ESL classes. This lesson follows the same format I described for another video lesson. The video is a a prompt to help students improve listening, thinking, speaking and fluency skills.

Here is the link for this video lesson. It is hosted by Vimeo. The video is called Day of Light by Love Light and Melody.

One of the keys to this conversation activity is that Group A students (the people who watch the video for the first time) must answer the questions

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ESL Writing – A Surprising Day

In previous classes, students finished several writing exercises about a person’s daily life experience and neighbourhoods. These writing exercises use real life experience to help shape and guide the student’s descriptive writing.

This assignment asks students to blend their daily life experience with a creative surprise.

Video Writing Prompt

Watch the video called Tomorrow (GPS). It’s a story about a man and woman. Their lives follow a n0rmal routine. Then one day, there is a surprise.

Use the ideas from this video to help to think about how a surprise might change your life. Write a short story, maybe two paragraphs, that describes a normal daily life and a big change.

Expansion: Write a one paragraph summary of this story.

Death the Dialogue

Here is an ESL classroom video lesson written by a student. Her name is Skyler Buffmyer. The video looks and sounds like poetry for the 21st century.

Watch the English video and answer these questions.

  • What does she like in the morning?
  • What does she think about herself?
  • What is she afraid of?
  • What is a crush?
  • What does she think about dolls?
  • How often does she go to therapy?
  • What is this video about?
  • Why did she make this video?

death the dialogue from skyler buffmyer on Vimeo.