Learn English Vocabulary

Here is a link to a long list of ideas for learning English vocabulary. Some of the learning techniques are old, though useful (I still remember my high school teacher refusing to accept one word answers to questions in the classroom). Others might offer a new approach. Read the article or skim the list below.

  1. learn English phrases instead of single words (chunks)
  2. frequent review of word lists (keep lists handy)
  3. graded readers to attach sentiment to words

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25 Wordy Expressions

Some of my ESL students litter. Their writing. They throw wordy phrases into their sentences like used potato chip bags on the ground. The result? Dirty sentences.

Like litter on the street, there is just too much messy stuff. Students use three words when one word is good enough. I wonder why? Do students think more words are better? I hope the answer is no.

Here is my idea. Good writing is clean. It uses only the words you need to express an idea. No extra packaging. Great writing does not need fancy words. Great writing is a clear idea that is easy to understand. Want to stop littering your sentences? Read on.

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