ESL Writing Activity: UFO and Space Travel

ESL writing activity space

ESL Writing Activity

Here’s a common problem I notice with high beginner+ L2 writing students: they don’t include enough details when describing people or places. This activity tackles that problem by demonstrating a simple strategy to help students identity and fill information gaps.

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My lastest ebook: Teach Writing Thinkingly

ESL writing lessons

Teach writing and critical thinking?

Oh yes, indubitably.

Written for ESL-EFL students at the intermediate+ level, 20 lessons effect student achievement with learning outcomes inspired by the 6+1 Writing Traits and the language of arguments and ideas.

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ESL Conversation: Crazy Big Numbers

ESL conversation activities numbers

ESL Conversation Activities

Do your students struggle big numbers? Here’s an ESL speaking activity that gives them oodles of opportunities to practice pronouncing and listening to numbers in pairs.

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