English Composition Class

My ESL students will soon begin a new university semester.  I hope my ESL students learn much and find the writing experience to be an enjoyable one.

The plan is to improve composition skills by focusing on paragraph writing through paraphrasing,

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25 Thought Provoking Questions

The new semester is almost here and it’s time to start thinking writing prompts for my ESL university students.

Paragraph Writing

Here is a link to 25 questions. Many of the questions are excellent prompts for short story writing or one paragraph compositions for ESL students: ESL writing prompts.

ESL Student Writing Assignment

Look at the list of questions. Choose one question that seems to appeal to you right now.

  1. Think about the question.
  2. Make some notes.
  3. Think about how you will answer the question in one paragraph.
  4. Consider your first sentence carefully.

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