ESL Writing Lesson Review

This ESL writing lesson reviews the topics we have studied during the semester. These writing questions will test your English writing skills.

To prepare for the final exam you should be able to write long, proper answers for each question.

Remember, spelling, grammar and punctuation are important for the final writing test.

ESL Writing Questions

You can download the practice review questions here: english-writing-skills-exam-review.

For today’s writing lesson, here are three more exercises to practice and improve your editing skills:esl-editing-paragraphs-worksheet.

Learn Writing Style

Life is a journey, isn’t it?

How can ESL students learn to write with style? A great question for teachers. But, what is style?

In this English writing lesson, ESL students can learn one way to write better paragraphs. It’s not about grammar rules. Style is about writing a paragraph that looks good. When you learn three basic writing traits, you’ll be able to write stylish paragraphs.

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Student Writing – Homework

ESL students learn English writing by completing composition homework. This assignment asked my English students to write a paragraphs using the writing lessons and grammar rules we studied in class.

These English writing lessons included: articles, apostrophes, adjectives, prepositions, prepositional phrases, gerunds and conjunctions.

How to read the comments. My comments are highlighted in yellow.

  • I added a suggestion to the student’s writing. You can see that comment by putting your mouse over the yellow box. These comments have a little memo pad above the yellow box.
  • I highlighted a word or phrase because there was a spelling mistake. In these cases, there is no comment or memo icon.

Here are some more examples of student wrting: