Learn Writing Style

Life is a journey, isn’t it?

How can ESL students learn to write with style? A great question for teachers. But, what is style?

In this English writing lesson, ESL students can learn one way to write better paragraphs. It’s not about grammar rules. Style is about writing a paragraph that looks good. When you learn three basic writing traits, you’ll be able to write stylish paragraphs.

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My Bucket List

One word can make a big difference in our attitude and emotions.

For example, some students don’t like the word “essay” because it seems like work. So, I used the word ‘letter’ instead or ‘essay.’ I asked my students to write a letter to describe their ‘bucket list.’ My students’ results were impressive (considering that they are exhausted from studying for grade 7 tests).

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Students Write Poetry

Poems About Happiness Machines

Writing essays all of the time can be a little boring. That’s why I ask my students to write poetry. It’s a nice break from paragraphs and sentences. Most students enjoy the creativity that comes with poetry.

In this lesson, I gave my students a theme to start their imagination.

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Student Writing

What can my students write? That’s a good question. Some of my students are great. Most of them make real progress.

Here is a writing sample from one student. This person attends a Korean middle school where English is taught at a low level. This student spent one year in a North American school so English is this person’s second language.

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