Student Writing – Articles

In this English writing lesson, my ESL students are going to read and edit their writing. Actually, students will edit their classmates’ writing. They will be asked to read and check the grammar, apostrophes,  articles, conjunctions, prepositional phrases and gerunds.

Here are two writing and editing worksheets for this lesson:

Dog and Sausage

This ESL writing lesson teaches students how to write a short story using the past tense. Download the English writing worksheet and look at the pictures. For each picture, write two or three sentences.

Write your sentences in the past tense. Be sure to describe the action, write about the setting and use the grammar lessons we studied in class – like articles and prepositions. Add your own ideas to make the writing more interesting to you.

For this writing exercise, you might want to learn and use these words.

  • basket, sausage, wall, sidewalk, gate
  • carry, wag, chase, stare, knock

Here is the worksheet: ESL-writing-lesson-worksheet-dog.

Articles and Nouns

Learning English grammar rules about articles, like A and THE, is very difficult for ESL students studying composition.

This English writing worksheet teaches ESL students the rules for using articles in sentences and paragraphs. Read the lesson and answer the questions in the worksheet.

Download the writing worksheet here: articles grammar lesson.