Writing Class Week 7

This is the last class of week 7. Today let’s do this: a few writing projects that might be useful 1) in a classroom with beginner writers or 2) as sponge activities.

Write: Short Sentences

This is a quick writing warm up activity.

  1. Sentence one must appeal to the senses.
  2. Sentence two must use three adjectives.
  3. Sentence three must start with an adverb.
  4. Sentence four must contain a connective (words that shows a shift in time, a combination a or change).
  5. Sentence five must use exactly three words.
  6. Sentence six must be a question.
  7. This must make a story with a start and finish 

Write: Eight Line Biography Poem

Part A: Sample

tall, energetic, happy, intelligent
mother of Danny
who loves music, books and fresh air
who is afraid of President Bush, spiders and heights
who wants to see Latin America, the end of war and summer
resident of Seoul

Part B: Structure

Line 1: first name/nickname of the person
Line 2: 4 adjectives which describe the person
Line 3: important relationship to the person
Line 4: 3 things s/he loves
Line 5: 3 things that scare her/him
Line 6: 3 things s/he wants to see
Line 7: resident of…place/time/concept
Line 8: last name

Write: What is it?

This activity is from a book by Paul Nation.

It is thin.
It is black.
It has many teeth.
It is made of plastic.
We can find it near a mirror.
It costs 500 won.
Everybody uses it.
It is used for combing hair.
What is it?

Highlight this basic structure on the board. Think of a unique object. Write in the clues with the basic sentence patterns.

Do a read, listen and think pair work activity.

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