How to Teach Adult English Night Class Fall 2018 W11

It’s week 11 of the Adult ESL class. There’s a class dinner party next week.

Pair Work Warm Up (15)

Here is a vocabulary and thinking exercise. Your partner will read two words on a worksheet. You have to explain the meaning of each word.

Extra 5 minutes? Here is a quick exercise: it’s homographs.

Wrap Up Summary (5)


Trivia Game (40)

It’s fun to play trivia. Even better when the questions aren’t so hard.


More Negotiation (20)

Role Play Exercise – Buy and Sell a Car 

  • explain role play exercise (5)
  • read and understand role play cards (15)
  • play game with partner (10)
  • debrief (10)

Here are the role play cards for this game.



This video lesson helps builds vocabulary bay understanding how pairs of words are connected.

Symmetry from Daniel Mercadante on Vimeo.

Here is the word list of possible answers.


Made of, Made from, Made with (20)

Part 1. Basic Grammar Rules

Look at these sentences. Notice the use of made of and made from. Why are they used in different situations?

  • This shirt is made of cotton.
  • The chair is made of leather.
  • The vodka is made from potatoes.
  • The tea is made from barley.

These two phrases are used to talk about things that have been manufactured or processed.

  1. If the material is not changed…. then use made of.
  2. If the material has been changed (i.e. we can’t see it anymore) then use made from.

Made With

Some products are made from many things. We use made with when describing one of the many ingredients.

If something is made with one main material, use made from.

For example:

  • Kimchi is made with cabbage and salt.
  • This pizza is made with goat cheese.
  • These muffins are made with cranberries.

Look at these two sentences. What’s the difference?

  • This juice is made from oranges.
  • This juice is made with oranges.

Part 2. Practice

Practice writing sentences using of/from with these words and phrases.

  1. expensive dress shoes, plastic stir sticks, paper
  2. a can, soybean paste, sweet and sour pork
  3. chocolate, a sculpture, ice cream
  4. bread, wine, a BLT, mung bean pancake 


A Test (10)

A test.

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