ESL Writing Activity: How to Run a Sentence Drill

ESL writing classes require balance. Students need long composition activities and short tasks that don’t need to be read by the teacher. Otherwise, teachers risk overload.

ESL Writing
Writing classes, like books, are hard to balance

ESL Writing Sentence Drills

Part 1: Pronoun Problems

Each sentence has a problem related to pronouns. Find it and fix it.

1  When the bike hit the car, it was damaged.

2  I like to shop at the traditional street market because they have lots of fresh vegetables.

3  Janet told her niece that she would be a pilot one day.

4  We are treated very badly at work. They probably think we are slaves.

5  I ordered three books from Amazon, but they never sent them to me.

6  John took the paper off the computer and put it in his pocket.

7  One of the main reasons for success in sports are daily practice.


Part 2: Choppy Sentences

Rewrite these short paragraphs so that they have better sentence style and less repetition.

1  She opened the window. She looked out the window. She saw her sister. She waved to her sister. She closed the window. She picked up her phone.

2  The coach said now is the time for all good players to help the team. The coach said the team needs to run faster. The coach said the team needs to shoot harder. The coach said the team needs to score more goals.

3  My friend goes to the gym every other day. He stretches. He does some aerobic work. He lifts weights to build muscle. He is in great shape.


Part 3: Stylish Sentences

Here are 2 simple sentences:

1  Garlic in spaghetti sauce is good.

2  The student passed the test.

Make the simple sentences more interesting by changing them into complex sentences. Write 4 different complex sentences with these connecting words: after, because, before, if.



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